Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

Question: Have you had a non-compliance notice from the Queensland Fire & Rescue? Have you asked yourself: why the non-compliance when I’ve paid another company to service this fire system?

We get this question a lot.

The answer: You as a property owner are required to maintain the fire system that protects the building to a standard that it was built to. The local authorities can adjust the water main pressure to suit their leak management position. This can be frustrating as the goal posts change. At Water Wise Design, we review the local authorities' next works and see if this can be used in your favor, but if it cannot we review the buildings fire system to enhance it to comply with the building approvals conditions.

Water Wise Design specialises in fire safety standards, fire protection systems for residential and commercial properties and we cover all aspects of fire service advice and design. We offer fire service audits: assessment of buildings for fire protection and compliance with fire safety laws. We also design fire services such as fire hydrants, hose reels and fire water pumps. It is our aim to liaise closely with our clients to provide the most cost-effective and practical solutions available.

Featured Projects

See the list below for some of the fire service projects we have completed.

Water Wise Design LAT25 Clubhouse Floorplan Update 290119 1600px V1

RV Homebase, Forest Glen

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

Fire service report and assessment prepared for property at Iindah Road, Tinana

1827 Springmount Road Arriga Queensland

Water Wise Design Hervey Bay Boat Club Fire Hydrants Fire Services

Hervey Bay Boat Club, Hervey Bay

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

Fire hydrant pressure testing and fire services report

This project for the Hervey Bay Boat Club related to their lease area on the marina

The existing Fire Hydrant system that had a pump in place and was not required

We reviewed the system and had this removed from the current system saving the client on maintenance of the pump

Buccaneer Drive, Hervey Bay

Water Wise Design Screen Shot 2020 11 04 At 6.43.52 PM

Eden on the Bay, Hervey Bay

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

Fire hydrant pressure testing and fire services report for resort accommodation and retail complex

The fire service design and installation was put in place by another company and we responded to an enquiry to review the poor performance of the fire system

It was found that the contractor had installed the connection to the water main in 100mm when it was specified to be 150mm

We supervised this upgrade and worked with the local authorities and the client to have the service commission and it passed

The Esplanade, Hervey Bay

Water Wise Design Airport Service Centre Fire Hydrants Fire Services

Airport Service Centre, Hervey Bay

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

Fire hydrant flow and pressure testing

William Dean Ave, Hervey Bay

Other Fire Hydrants and Fire Services Projects

38 Freshwater St Hervey Bay

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

Current fire hydrant design did not meet the flow and pressures required from the building approvals at the time of the build

We reviewed the building layout and the layout of the street hydrants

We removed the existing fire hydrant system and used the street hydrants

The owner was required to install a new access door and ramp, this was a better option compared to installing a pump and losing car park spaces on the property

195 Esplanade Woodgate

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

The Woodgate Hotel was upgrading their building layout

We reviewed the town's main supply and found that the local authorities water main supply was poor

The project has water storage on site for four hours of supply and a pump to deliver this water supply

Moranbah Shopping Centre

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

This building was built in the 1980s and has had a number of upgrades but the fire system was left to catch up behind

We have completed an audit on the site and made a number of recommendations

These items are now being installed and the building will be compliant

Stanthorpe Shopping Centre

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

The existing building had an ageing fire system, we completed an audit on the site and the recommendations are being implemented

This town has a water shortage, leak management for the local authorities is very important

We worked with the local council and the client to find the best solution

Tablelands Mill in North Qld

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

This Mill is owned by Maryborough Sugar Factory and we were asked to review the current site

In doing so we met with the local Queensland Fire & Rescue building approval office and both reviewed the current approvals in place and the current buildings on site

We are working with the client to upgrade these fire services to comply with current standards

500 Esplanade Hervey Bay

Fire Hydrants and Fire Services

This building was designed by another firm from Melbourne, but the client asked Water Wise Design to review the fire system

Having local knowledge, we removed the water tanks from the design and worked with the local water utilities to allow pumping directly from the water main

"MSF Sugar have a long relationship with Chris & Water Wise Design. Chris has spent considerable time at our sugar mill sites in an effort to understand our "unique problems" and provide "tailored solutions". Chris’s knowledge & expertise allowed MSF to retrospectively bring our old fire systems up to meet current legislation and Australian Standards. We highly recommend Chris & his team!"
Terry, MSF Sugar

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We would like to help in the planning of the building services for your project; whether it is an effluent disposal area required on a rural house project, a truck wash bay on a mine site, or a food tenancy in a new cafe. We can provide you with the advice and have the product knowledge to help you meet the treatment for these services.

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